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We're a modern sales company that partners with businesses to build pipeline and accelerate revenue.

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The future of sales is changing.

We’ve built our services to help our clients overcome the challenges that come with an evolving sales industry, by looking at things with a modern approach.

We understand different challenges require different solutions, so we develop tailored strategies and activations to drive success and lead generation in line with your business development objectives.
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Inside sales

We do the sales, deliver the results and report it back to you.
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Sales Masterclass

Our officially accredited sales education course, turning salespeople into sales masters.
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Sales Masterclass

Our officially accredited sales education course, turning salespeople into sales masters.
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Why use an outsourced sales team?

With the help of an expert outsourced sales team, you can make sure that the efforts of your in-house sales team don't go to waste.Improve your potential prospects, key sales processes and results by outsourcing sales and marketing with proven expertise.

Our sales professionals know exactly how to target the ideal market for your products and services, with both inbound and outbound sales services designed to generate leads.

Our sales reps can also help your business target customers in new markets, improve your sales pipeline and make sure your in-house sales teams can reach the true potential of your products and services. Utilising the help of an outsourced sales team can also save your business time and money, allowing you to focus on what really matters while we take care of the rest.

As a cost-effective approach that helps you drive leads and reduce common sales and marketing mistakes, what are you waiting for? Enquire today.

Our services

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Sales Development

Helping you to build valuable pipeline and accelerate revenue growth.
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Inbound Sales

Managing the inbound sales opportunities that are crucial to your revenue drive.
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Outbound Sales

Helping to build a sustainable and effective outbound sales process for your business.
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Our clients

We believe sales is the lifeline of any business and work with a variety of companies (big and small) across many different industries.
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We believe we’re good at what we do, but more importantly our fantastic clients do as well. Read what they have to say about us below.

“Nothing but impressed with every aspect”

“Our team improved remarkably and we have already increased head count by 50% and have delivered a year on year growth of 93% in the first year.”
Peter Knight
Managing Director

"We continue to have a fantastic relationship with Pace."

"Pace has been fundamental to the successful growth and ongoing performance of our Digital Sales operation here at Ideagen."
Chris Grigg
Head of Digital Sales
Ideagen PLC

“Couldn’t be more pleased with the results”

“This partnership got us off on the right step and we are so pleased with their tailored focus.”
Trisha Payne
Chief Marketing Officer
Connect Your Care
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