About Pace

Whatever your B2B sales challenge, Pace has the experience, people and methodology to deliver a successful outcome. We have delivered against – and often exceeded – ambitious revenue targets for technology, SaaS and manufacturing clients, from global giants to ambitious start-ups.

Our Approach

Whether you’re looking to build a sales pipeline, close more sales, fill internal resource gaps or set up an inbound sales function, Pace can provide the leadership, strategic insight and talented people you need. 

Pace was founded by Kevin Kelly in 2018. Having set up and run successful sales operations for some of the world’s biggest businesses, Kevin’s vision was to create the sales outsourcing partner that he dreamt of when he worked in-house. 

Building strong relationships with clients is the foundation of our success.  Helping you to smash your sales targets is the fuel that drives us forward.  From day one, we will work in partnership with you, to help accelerate growth and meet your financial targets.  
We know that B2B sales requires exceptional business development representatives with the ability to communicate to senior decision makers via multiple channels.  For this reason, we attract top graduate talent and invest in training them for success.

Our sales professionals offer a blend of communication skills, commercial awareness and dedication.  We ensure they have the necessary understanding and  knowledge and understanding to become effective advocates for your business.

  When it comes to lead generation, we will always prize quality over quantity, which means we invest time in building long-term relationships that will lead to revenue.  By focusing on financial targets, rather than number of appointments, we align our team with your success. 

What’s it like to work with us

We might be biased, but we believe we deliver a world-class experience. Why? We helped to build some of the world’s most successful sales departments and we were created to offer the same industry-leading standards to every customer, whatever your size.
1. Proactive Partnership
 Our aim is to create a business partnership with you.  Our founder, Kevin Kelly knows what it’s like to be in your shoes and will work closely with you to deliver the “dream team” that will ensure success.  And that means we provide every client with a dedicated team, trained to act as an extension of your business. 

Our senior management is never far away, providing encouragement and support, and available to you whenever you need us. And finally, you are guaranteed access to our senior management team whenever you need it.
2. Clear revenue targets
We believe your sales outsourcing partner should be working with you towards financial outcomes. As most seasoned B2B sales professionals know, the number of appointments delivered does not always correlate to the value business won. That is why we always set revenue targets with you; by digging into your business, your sales challenges and dynamics of your industry, we will agree financial goals we can commit to.

3. Effective onboarding strategy
We have developed our own Permission to Operate onboarding methodology to create the foundation for future success. First we capture key information about your business and sales operation, then we question some assumptions and finally we set clear parameters and metrics for every step of the campaign. In this way we set ourselves up to deliver a successful campaign.

4. Collaboration
We believe collaboration is key to success. Two-way knowledge transfer is built into our company culture and sets us apart from other sales outsourcing companies. We won’t just send you a report at the end of the week; your dedicated sales team will keep you informed every step of the way.
5. Future-thinking
The sales industry is constantly evolving. It can sometimes feel that new technologies and sales tools are being launched every week. It can be hard to keep track of industry buzz words, so we will do that for you. We are not only vigilant about keeping track of the latest trends, we are passionate to share our knowledge with you.