Consulting with Inside².
The transformation of the sales industry is a great challenge, Pace is here to support your business through transition and evolution.
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Moving your business forward.

Our consultants have decades of experience building, transforming and leading sales divisions.

This knowledge has now been interpreted into a copyrighted model that can be applied efficiently in order to help your business.

Sales is always changing.

The transformation of the sales industry is a great challenge. Pace is here to support your business through transition and evolution.

Using our clear and effective Inside² model approach, we help to guide our clients to where they want to be. External influences such as culture shifts, law and political policy, technology etc, can incite a need for change, as well as many internal business factors such as mergers, business restructures and products and services offered.

Our consultancy platforms.

We offer two levels of consultancy; Core & Advanced.

We do things with detail. This model allows us to comprehensively assess your sales and sales functions granularly, yet efficiently. The data helps us to identify key areas of focus and priority, and informs the process needed to move your sales forward.
Move your business forward


Our Core service is perfect for companies requiring short term support for long term internal implementation, specific and immediate guidance on fast paced changes or first stage planning for future shifts in the business.


Advanced is our full consultancy package, suited to companies that are about to embark on significant transitions, planning future growth and more long term changes.

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"Pace has been fundamental to the successful growth and ongoing performance of our Digital Sales operation here at Ideagen. They spent time understanding Ideagen, its dynamics, challenges and the ambitions and objectives that drive the individuals within it.  The foundations of our Digital Sales operation have been set by the work we did together and we continue to have a fantastic relationship with them.”
Chris Grigg
Head of Digital Sales