A theoretical approach to sales & business transformation.
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Effective change.

Our founder Kevin Kelly has spearheaded some of the most impactful business and sales evolutions within some of the world’s leading businesses.

From an early stage, the learnings, successes, ideas and failures were documented with the aim of acquiring enough information to be able to create and develop an effective and proven model for sales transformation.


This model provides the core of our consultancy service approach and although granular and complex in it’s detail, focuses on two simple but key areas of consideration:

Productivity and culture.


The first consideration targets activity and statistics for exploration into how a business is performing and can inform a data based plan of action.


The second consideration looks more deeply into the environment created within the business and for those working in sales specifically. Finding the right cultural balance within an organisation is imperative to its success, and is a factor in ensuring those within the company help drive it forward, enjoy doing so and are motivated to progress.

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