The Ultimate Roundup of Good Sales Team Names

We decided to round-up some of the best sales team names we have come across – as well as some of the worst. We hope we can provide you with some inspiration!

Do you have a name for your car that just seems to fit its personality? A nickname for your best sales rep? We all recognise when a nickname just seems to fit. And it’s not just people that this applies to; Motivational Monday sounds an excellent idea to me! We can all recognise that there is power in a well-chosen name.

Coming up with the perfect name for your sales team can help create a shared sense of identity for the team and even the act of brainstorming the name can help bring a team closer together (and hopefully give you all a few laughs in the process.)

The challenge is finding a name that fits the culture you want to create and appeals to everyone on the team. Above all, a good sales team name should be inspiring, energising and above all, not take itself too seriously!

We decided to round-up some of the best sales team names we have come across – as well as some of the worst. We hope we can provide you with some inspiration!

Alliterative sales team name ideas

The alliterative approach can help to make a name memorable. One of our favourites is Money Magnets. Do you love the sound of that, or find it hard to live up to? And what does your answer tell you about yourself? Seriously though, who wouldn’t want to be a Money Magnet? You could also try 'Money Makers' or 'Cash Cows' for a different take on a similar angle.

Or if you are looking for a name that sums up your professional approach to pipeline management, how about Pipeline Pros? We all know that pipeline nurturing takes consistency, persistence and even a bit of resilience and Pipeline Pros definitely does justice to those qualities.

Staying with the letter ‘P’, Prospect Persuaders is another great sales team name. Or how about Peak Performers? And moving on through the alphabet, Revenue Revellers has a ring to it! As does Selling Squad.

Also, if you work in B2B Lead Generation and Sales, some other alliterative sales team names that caught our attention include Conversion Commandos, BD (Business Development) Bandits, B2B Bandits and Outbound Outlaws. Can you see a theme emerging here? For the risk-averse organisation, Captains of Commerce moves the discussion in a slightly different direction.

Creative Sales Team Names Inspired by Popular Culture

Depending on the generational make-up of your sales team, you might prefer to pick a name inspired by popular culture. For a funky sales team name inspired by popular culture, you could try Sultans of Sale or Masters of Spin (see what we did there?) to appeal to any Dire Straits fans on your sales team. How about FireStarters, Manic Phone Preachers? Or the A-Team is a sales team name that just never goes away. 

Some other cool sales team names inspired by films we’ve come across include The Rat Pack, Killer Instincts , Godfathers, Mad Men, Wolves of Wall Street. Risky Business anyone? You can probably think of more along the same vein.

Or maybe you want to inject some humour into your sales team name. There are plenty of options here. Some of our favourites include Game of Phones, Natural Born Sellers, Hello, Is it Leads you’re Looking For? Slightly more subtle, we came across ‘We’re Going to Need a Bigger Pipeline’ (any Jaws fans in your team?) and if you don’t mind controversy, how about “Make Sales Great Again”! (just think of the possibilities for baseball caps!) 

Motivational Names

Most, if not every sales team, thrives on recognition, not just from their immediate boss, but from the rest of the organisation. And most teams we’ve come across either deserve one of the names below or could be inspired by them.

Here at Pace we think, you can’t really go wrong with motivational sales team names, especially if it resonates with your team’s ethos or personality. Take your pick from The Sales Warriors, The Sales Express, The Sales Gurus, The Sales Titans, The Sales Crusaders, The Sales Generals or best of all The Sales Legends! 

Names that will Drive Your Next Close

Success breeds success as they say, so why not choose a team name based on what your team is striving to be great at! The Closed Wons has a ‘does what it says on the tin’ feel about it. One Call Closers, could possibly backfire, depending on the nature of your business and length of your sales cycle. Who doesn’t want to employ a team of Top Guns, High Achievers or even Over Achievers? Or Miracle Workers for that matter!

Then, moving into more biblical and spiritual territory we have Mountain Movers, Miracle Makers, Rain Makers and Sales Wizards.

Seven Attributes of Highly Successful Sales Teams

A good place to start with naming your sales team is to think about the attributes the team members currently have and those they aspire to. Asking everyone to name three attributes is a great way to get a discussion going and might inspire some adjectives to incorporate into your name. Here are some attributes of an exceptionally talented sales team to get you started:

  1. They have a clear sense of purpose and are laser-focused on success
  2. They never give up, even when success seems a long way off
  3. They’re ambitious, for themselves and the company
  4. They have excellent communication skills
  5. They are highly-motivated and like material success (although it’s not always just about the money)
  6. The best sales teams are collaborative, with a ‘one for all, all for one’ attitude
  7. They like winning!

How to Choose the Right Name for Your Sales Team

Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst Mavis Haims claimed that a name “is like an elongated shadow attached at our heels,” in her book The Power of Names. While this sounds a little ominous it does make the point that your team will probably have to live with their name for a long time!

A good sales team name will inspire your team, give the individuals a sense of shared identity and ideally, will just instantly ‘feel right’ when you find it. Above all, choosing a good sales team name should be taken too seriously. Hopefully the tips below will help you find the right name for your sales team.

Let your team choose the name

It is vital that your team is involved with the process of choosing the name. The brainstorming process should be fun and encourage the team to explore the identity they not only want to create, but also feel comfortable with.

Make sure you have consensus

It is unlikely everyone will agree on the same name instantly, but it is important everyone is on board before you finalise the choice. If you’re stuck, then an online poll can help narrow the choices down and build a consensus.

Make it memorable!

A good sales team should be memorable and should ideally roll off the tongue. Think of it as a slogan that you all want to live up to and that resonates not only with your team but with the rest of the business. You could try 'Business as Usual‘ for a classic spin, or something industry-specific like 'The Bull Market Bunch' for a trading sales team!

Be original & have fun with it!

Hopefully our blog has given you some ideas to get your brainstorming off the ground. If you can, try and come up with a name that is original and ‘just seems to fit’ your team. Finally, don’t take the process too seriously - funny sales team names are okay too! A work hard, play hard attitude is one of the attributes of the best teams we’ve come across.

Looking To Outsource Your Sales & Skyrocket Your Sales Performance?

So, now you have the tools, expertise and inspiration to name your sales team. If you want to take your sales performance to the next level, why not outsource your sales function and let the experts take care of it for you?

At Pace, we have a team of highly-skilled sales professionals who can help you boost your sales performance and reach your targets with expert B2B Lead Generation, Business Development and a range of other targeted sales services.

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