Our story.

Moving sales forward.

Founded by sales management expert Kevin Kelly, Pace’s core mission is to move sales forward.

After building successful and industry leading sales departments for some of the world’s biggest businesses, Kevin decided to broaden the objective—now not only supporting individual companies, but the industry as a whole.

The sales industry has, is and will continue to change. Kevin has seen these changes first hand and brought them to the fore. The digital transformation of communication has revolutionised sales and the way businesses behave. One key change has been the move from field-based sales functions to more efficient and effective methods using technology. This is being rapidly catalysed by our move to digital communication, which is currently being driven even further by the current global climate.
Our mantra focuses on future thinking and growing at the right pace. We take this seriously and adopt the same approach when driving our own growth, internally and externally.

Our sales teams are young, ambitious and are designed around driven, top-tier graduates. We believe in the development of our team’s skills and support our employees to get them where they want to be.
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Pace was created to help guide the industry, and those who operate in it towards a successful future, no matter what lies ahead.

For our clients to be successful, it’s important that we understand the way the industry is moving. We’re not only vigilant about new developments, tools and technologies, but also eager to learn them and help share this knowledge with the companies we work with. We look forward to helping you move forward.

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